A Practical Guide to Breast Milk Storage

A Practical Guide to Breast Milk Storage

Pumping is hard work and we all want to be able to use every last drop - but sometimes this can be tricky.  There’s lots of info out there about storing breastmilk, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to.  We love Emily Oyster’s clear and practical advice on this subject - which can be read in full here 

In this helpful blog Emily answers the below questions, and reviews the CDC guidelines from an everyday real life perspective. 

Question 1: How long can breast milk be left out or stored?

Question 2: Can I refreeze breast milk if it thaws? 

Question 3: Can I mix multiple temperatures of breast milk?

Question 4: Can I re-use it after having used some?

We hope you find this article as helpful as we have!