How it started

How it started

It all began when bakery owner; Lisa Sanguedolce, owner of Le Dolci Bakery & Culinary Classroom in Toronto met Catherine Pestl (Board Certified Lactation Consultant).

They always discussed that there was a real demand for delicious and tasty products; including lactation cookies, which would support busy and new mums who only want the best for their baby. However they recognized that with all new moms time is limited and very few have time to pull out the mixer and whip up a batch of cookies themselves in their already hectic day. 

Then when Lisa had her own child and started on her breastfeeding journey she realized lactation cookies were not available in Canada and drove to the US to buy them. Owning a bakery herself she created a lactation cookie to help support her own journey and realized that other new moms would benefit from these delicious cookies.

The Lactation Cookie Company’s (TLCC) is owned, managed and staffed by a team of women. The company focuses on delicious cookies for mothers made with healthy and delicious ingredients.

TLCC's products have been developed for breastfeeding moms who don't have time to bake (which are usually all moms!). Our company, gives busy Mothers easy access to healthy & delicious cookies to support lactation. Cookies come in regular, vegan and gluten free varieties - we can’t wait for you to try them!