Keeping it Simple: The Juli's Lactation Cookies Advantage

Keeping it Simple: The Juli's Lactation Cookies Advantage


In the loving craziness of motherhood, simplicity is a well needed luxury. Juli's Lactation Cookies offer a delicious solution for nursing mothers seeking convenience without compromise. Let's explore why opting for Juli's is not only easier but also a superior choice.

Lactation Consultant recommended:

You can’t do better than an expert recommendation.  Juli’s Lactation Cookies were developed with Lactation Consultant Catherine Pestl.  Catherine is a La Leche League Leader and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Her expert knowledge helped ensure Juli’s is the best lactation cookie on the market. 

Giving Back

For every box sold a donation will be made to support breastfeeding education in North America.  Juli’s is really passionate about supporting the mamas community.

Skip the Kitchen Chaos:

Forget about the time-consuming process of searching for recipes and baking. With Juli's Lactation Cookies, you can skip the kitchen chaos and enjoy a hassle-free solution that leaves you more time for what matters most; You and your family.

Consistent Quality Every Time:

Juli's ensures consistent quality with every cookie. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of varying tastes and textures – each box delivers a delightful treat you can trust.

Variety Without the Fuss:

Indulge in a variety of flavors without the fuss. From classic chocolate chip to delicious date, Juli's offers a range that satisfies every palate with just a few clicks.

Time Is of the Essence:

Save precious time. Juli's Lactation Cookies give you the gift of time, allowing you to focus on precious moments with your little one or catch up on well-deserved rest.

Trust in Tested Goodness:

Choose a brand that mothers trust. Juli's Lactation Cookies were made for mothers, by mothers - and taste tested at every stage of the way! 


When you choose Juli's Lactation Cookies, you're not only helping yourself but the wider mama comunity, and doing good feels great.