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The Benefits of Breastfeeding Past 1 Year


This past August our ICBLC lactation consultant Catherine sat down with Jessica Booth to do this fabulous interview for -- so we're sharing some tidbits we love with you:

What is extended breastfeeding?

"... the amount of time you can or want to breastfeed is a personal decision" Generally it means breast feeding after the age of 12-24 months, depending on the culture. In the article Catherine mentions that she wouldn't necessarily call extended breastfeeding that: 'I don’t think I would use that term because the length of a breastfeeding relationship is highly varied,” she says. “As the AAP puts it, ‘there is not a particular age before which breastfeeding must end.’

What are the benefits of breastfeeding past one year?

        • Reduced risk of breast and ovarian cancers for the breastfeeding parent
        • Provides up to one-third of a toddler’s daily calories and protein needs (aside from giving minerals and vitamins).
        • Breastfeeding has a significant effect on cognition, behaviour, and mental health in children.
        • Continues to lower risk of illness and boost the immune system.
        • Increases brain development and may help boost intelligence later in life.
        • and more!

Tips for extended breastfeeding

ICBLC lactation consultant Chrisie Rosenthal suggests for parents to "find some support in others, such as friends who are also breastfeeding babies older than one..." in your neighbourhood or in online groups. Read the full article here.